Twitter Adds ‘Context’ Label To Clarify When Tweets Make Elon Musk Sad

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SAN FRANCISCO—Touting the feature’s ability to add color to posts and respond with a high level of accuracy, Twitter added a new “context” label this week to clarify when tweets made Elon Musk sad. “Starting today, posts that elicit a strong reaction will include a short paragraph to explain exactly why and how the post was seen by Elon Musk and how badly it got under his skin,” said Twitter’s head of safety and integrity Yoel Roth, adding that the feature inserted necessary details into online discussions, including whether the CEO had responded by crying, locking himself in his room, or even having a full-on meltdown. “In today’s volatile internet ecosystem, we at Twitter have a duty to be as transparent as possible and help our users understand when Elon has seen a tweet that made him run screaming to his office, lock himself inside, and refuse to come out, no matter what anyone says. Already the ‘context’ label has flagged several relevant posts, including ones about celebrities leaving Twitter, verified users refusing to pay to keep their check mark, or people repurposing his own memes to insult his intelligence. We’ve also had to add the label to some of the most hurtful and upsetting posts that fail to mention Elon Musk.” At press time, users had reportedly questioned the ‘context’ label for mostly appearing under left-leaning posts, even though both left- and right-wing posters had consistently made Musk cry.