Twitter Announces There No Trending Topics Today

‘Maybe Something Will Catch On Tomorrow,’ Social Network Says

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SAN FRANCISCO—Noting the lack of any social causes, amusing hashtag games, or major news stories currently stimulating public conversations on their site, Twitter officials announced Monday that there are no trending topics today, but suggested that perhaps something might catch on tomorrow. “Normally, our site displays a list of newsmakers and issues currently capturing the world’s attention and engaging users in discussion, but it doesn’t look like people are really talking about anything today,” said Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey, adding that a few new hashtags started popping up in users’ posts earlier in the day, but every single one failed to become popular. “Some days, even if a famous person dies or there’s a big protest somewhere, people just aren’t interested. Maybe something might pop up and start trending later. We’ll absolutely put it up on the site if that’s the case, but until then we’re not going to force it.” At press time, a company spokesperson confirmed that the hashtag #NothingTrendingOnTwitter was failing to gain much momentum.