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BUFFALO, NY—After a video of the incident received national attention, Buffalo mayor Byron Brown confirmed Friday the suspension without pay of two policemen who were caught staining an otherwise spotless section of city sidewalk with blood. “I have seen the video and am deeply disturbed by the actions of these officers, who not only spilled a significant amount of blood on an otherwise pristine square of pavement, but then casually moved along without making the slightest attempt to clean it up,” said Brown, adding that once a bloodstain like that had set, it was practically impossible to remove completely. “Police Commissioner [Byron] Lockwood has launched an investigation into why not one officer present thought to respond with some baking soda and peroxide, a handkerchief soaked in club soda, or even just a quick surface wipe to keep the blood from seeping into the cement and leaving a permanent mark on our city. The lack of respect shown for this piece of municipal property—which had just been power-washed last week at taxpayer expense—is frankly disgraceful. Rest assured, these two officers will receive additional training in the department’s specialized mopping drills before they are reinstated.” Brown added that his thoughts and prayers were with the city employees working to cover up the blood splotches as best they could.


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