U.S. Sends Developing Countries 70 Million Vaccinated Americans

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WASHINGTON—Responding to a brutal second wave of Covid-19 ravaging nations across the world, the United States announced Tuesday that they had sent developing countries 70 million vaccinated Americans. “We’re disturbed and heartbroken by the devastation that coronavirus has wreaked on India, which is why we’re sending over millions of happy, healthy Americans to serve as a kind of aspirational model,” said Biden, who promised he wouldn’t stop exporting Americans until the whole world knew the U.S had reached herd immunity. “Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson—these are the life-saving vaccines our citizens have received. We’ll be sending these Americans to tour and enjoy these nation’s most populated cities. We’ve also pledged to donate equipment such as picnic baskets and volleyball nets that Americans can use while they’re there.” At press time, Biden shared his hope that the donations would have the added effect of strengthening the U.S.’s allyship with developing nations by making a significant portion of their population American.