U.S. Warns Dozens Of Foreign Powers Have Access To Food

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WASHINGTON—Americans were urged to be on high alert Thursday after Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that dozens of foreign powers have access to food. “Intelligence from our operatives across the globe reveals the disturbing reality that the vast majority of our potential foreign adversaries have stockpiles of food and would be willing to feed their populace, posing a direct threat to the American way of life,” said Milley, adding that officials were in possession of satellite photos of farms, grocery stores, and even grain silos in countries hostile to the United States. “We’re talking foreign powers like Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela—not to mention China—which, over the last decade, have accumulated countless stores of meats, rice, and vegetables. We also have reliable indications that many of these food-equipped countries are enriching their foods with seasoning. With so many nutrients, there’s no telling how strong the people of these countries could become. Allowing this type of nourishment proliferation around the world represents a grave threat to United States hegemony. We call on all countries of this world to desist from stockpiling food at once.” At press time, Milley informed reporters that the U.S. military was preparing to pursue a defensive plan of salting the fields of any nation that did not comply.