Unpopular Orange To Be Phased Out Of Visible Spectrum

Illustration for article titled Unpopular Orange To Be Phased Out Of Visible Spectrum

VIENNA, AUSTRIA—Citing the bright, warm color’s steady decline in popularity over several decades, the International Commission on Illumination published a report Monday announcing plans to begin phasing out orange from the visible spectrum. “It’s a classic color, but after thorough consideration, we’ve decided it’s time to make room for some new entries in the visible spectrum, and orange was the obvious first one to go,” said ICI vice president Arthur Wright, confirming that the commission’s decision to eliminate the hue from the electromagnetic spectrum was unanimous, with some members going as far to say they “couldn’t wait” to see it gone. “Orange had a good run, arguably, but at this point, it’s really more of a relic from the 1970s. We realize this development will disappoint certain traditionalists, some deer hunters, and, of course, the Dutch, but we’re confident that most people will be able to get by with reds and yellows, even where the eponymous fruit is concerned.” Wright added that ochre would be left in place through the end of 2019 to help ease the transition period.