Unstable Couple Playing With Fire By Organizing Game Night

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MIDVALE, UT—Tempting fate by putting together an evening of semi-competitive, semi-collaborative recreation, local unstable couple Molly and Jared Ball flouted common sense by organizing a game night for their friends Monday. “Man, those two are really hanging their asses in the wind with this game night,” said Amir Bitar, one of the invited friends, explaining that there was no way the peer group would get through an entire game of Scrabble intact after the way last week’s double date went down, not to mention March’s disastrous fondue party. “It’s honestly bald-faced arrogance for them to think we’ll be able to play even a single round of Apples To Apples. Seriously, they’re already on thin relationship ice, and now they make this crazy move? What the hell are they thinking playing fast and loose with their lives like this?” Upon the arrival of their guests later that evening, a strangely cowed Jared answered the door, told everyone that “Molly wasn’t feeling well,” and announced they would all be watching a movie instead.