ATLANTA—Informing residents that this was the best way to ensure they were able to cast their ballots by the time polls closed on November 8, officials at urban polling stations nationwide urged those voting in today’s Super Tuesday primaries to immediately get back into line for the general election, sources confirmed. “Once you’ve finished filling out your ballot and have fed it into the scanning machine, we recommend that you head back out and get a spot at the end of the line you were just in to increase your chances of voting in the national election,” said Atlanta primary worker Peter Carver, emphasizing to voters that, given expected turnout levels, heading home for even a few hours could result in them being left waiting outside on the curb when polls close in eight months. “In fact, it might be best to forgo filling out this primary ballot altogether and just head straight to the back of the line right now.” Officials also suggested that urban residents begin assembling several additional forms of ID today, noting that the ones they just presented at polling locations are likely to be rendered inadequate by new legislation by the time of the general election.


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