Very Brave 25-Year-Old Flying On Plane All By Himself

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NEW YORK—Commenting on how rare it was to see someone his age act so grown-up and confident while traveling alone, onlookers confirmed Thursday that they were impressed with the very brave 25-year-old on their plane who was flying all by himself. “Aw, look at him, he’s going on a whole big trip, and he doesn’t need his parents or anything!” said fellow passenger David Valdez, who remarked particularly on the 25-year-old’s ability to sit quietly and read a book for most of the flight from New York to Washington, D.C. “He got his seat belt buckled without any help, and he was even able to get up and find the bathroom on his own. There was one point where he seemed like he might have a little freak-out, but luckily a flight attendant was there to bring him a snack and he calmed right down.” At press time, the 25-year-old’s fellow passengers were reportedly saddened to see there was no adult to meet him at baggage claim.