Victoria’s Secret Under Fire For ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign

Social media users are demanding that Victoria’s Secret take down its latest advertising campaign, “Perfect Body,” which plays off the title of its Body by Victoria bra but also has the words superimposed over pictures of tall, thin supermodels, because they believe it promotes unrealistic standards of beauty. What do you think?

“Talk about a backfire. Victoria’s Secret’s PR team must be panicking now that everyone’s talking about this ad.”

Philip Leatham • Down Comforter Stuffer


“It must be hard for advertisers to find that perfect balance between shaming the customer and condescending to them.”

Miriam Weaver • Arts & Crafts Consultant

“I have complete faith that we as a society could make these supermodels feel like they too have imperfect bodies if we wanted to.”

Irene England • Pet Trainer