Illustration for article titled Video Game Shopkeeper Starting To Get Suspicious After Selling 800 Bombs To Player

CASTLE FALGAR—Wondering what the man could possibly have been planning with such a purchase, video game shopkeeper Eldoth Silvershield told reporters Tuesday that he was beginning to get suspicious of a customer who had recently bought 800 bombs in a single visit. “Usually I don’t ask questions, but this guy just walked straight into my store and dropped, like, a hundred-thousand gold pieces on bombs in one go,” said Silvershield, noting with concern that the customer offered no explanation whatsoever of his intentions for the explosives, even as he added 450 flaming arrows to his order. “Then he said he was going to need magic armor and every healing elixir I had in stock. I mean, who buys all that unless they’re really planning on doing something really, really bad? Maybe I should tell a knight or something?” At press time, Silvershield had heard what transpired at Darkstone Keep and knew with a shudder who was responsible.


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