Viewer Prepared To Believe Whatever Documentary Tells Him About Coral Reefs

BETTENDORF, IA—Saying he had no plans to challenge anything set forth in the hour-long nature program, television viewer Adam Canales reported Monday that he was fully prepared to believe whatever the documentary Darkness Below: Ocean Life On The Brink told him about coral reefs. “I don’t know a single thing about coral reefs, so I’m perfectly okay with buying wholesale whatever this documentary has to say on the topic,” said Canales, who noted that he was 100 percent ready to accept any and all facts and figures presented to him about coral, adding that anything the program’s narrator had to say regarding the threats facing these aquatic ecosystems was “good enough for [him].” “Are they dying off from a rise in ocean temperatures? Are they thriving? Are they home to some of the most diverse life forms on the planet? Great. Whatever this documentary tells me, I’m on board.” Canales added that he was also “perfectly fine” with the idea of blindly adopting whatever social position relating to coral reefs was posed by the documentary and reciting it to other people verbatim.


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