Viewers Slam HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ For Unnecessary Incest Scene

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PEORIA, AZ—Questioning the show’s production decisions following its first two episodes, viewers on Wednesday slammed HBO’s Hard Knocks In Season: The Arizona Cardinals for its unnecessary incest scenes. “I get that it’s HBO and they like to make things edgy, but all this incest seems totally gratuitous,” said viewer Kendra Lawson, adding that the inclusion of multiple incest scenes in the Cardinals’ locker room, in the head coach’s office, and even on the field during games made it feel as if HBO was just trying to shock viewers. “Look, I don’t have a problem with nudity per se, but it has to have some relevance to the plot—otherwise, it feels like you’re just putting naked people on the screen for us to ogle. And then the incest thing raises the stakes. I like all the violence, but I really wish they’d cool it with all the sensationalized sex stuff. It’s hard to watch.” Despite the criticism on social media, other viewers have praised the new season of Hard Knocks, saying that while they were off-putting in the abstract, they found the incest scenes really intimate and beautiful.