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WASHINGTON—Sternly reminded that it was inappropriate to pursue personal interests at the office, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was reprimanded Thursday for writing his corn blog during a cabinet meeting, sources told reporters. “Welcome back, corn lovers! Tom here with a quick update,” Vilsack wrote in the latest entry for “Corn On The Blog,” which he had reportedly updated eight times this week with recipes and various images of corn. “It’s the best time of year for sweet corn, and that means everything from earlivee to bicolor fleet is in season and ready for your plate! Keep an eye on the Corn Citchen. (I’ve got a great fritter up my sleeve!) Check back soon for more updates and pics, and don’t forget to comment below with what’s getting you excited about corn these days!” According to witnesses, Vilsack had been compiling a list of his favorite shucking techniques when President Obama ordered him to close his laptop and pay attention.

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