Voters Glad They Got Hope In Politicians Out Of System For Next Election Cycle Or Two

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WASHINGTON—Admitting it was actually kind of a relief to have it over with, the nation’s voters reported Thursday that with Bernie Sanders no longer possessing a viable path to the nomination, they were glad they got all their feelings of hope in politicians out of their system for the next election cycle or two. “It’s sort of nice to realize that, after this, I can pretty much just sit back and know that I won’t have to feel any genuine excitement about a political figure’s integrity or their desire to make fundamental change to the status quo until a few elections from now,” said registered voter Luke Downing of Oakland, CA, echoing the sentiment of millions across the country who explained that it felt like a load off their mind to let go of their sense of encouragement and to not have to worry about rallying behind a politician they believed actually had their best interests at heart until 2024 or so. “We got it all flushed out of our systems, and now everyone can just go back to feeling generally betrayed by every politician on the national stage and apathetic about the political system as a whole. This primary season was a nice change of pace where we got to believe for a moment that our voices actually mattered and that democracy might in fact work for regular Americans, but to be honest, it’ll be good to have a little time away from feeling like we can make some sort of difference, at least for the next couple elections.” Downing went on to say he was glad he had finished voting for the next several election cycles as well.