At a press conference this morning, Vice President Selena Meyer denounced a non-existent Chinese 'International Space Prison', after mistakenly believing a reporter's joke as a serious question about incarceration in space.

“As you know, Mission to Mars has been a staple of my agenda," responded Meyer. "Americans have long seen space exploration as a source of infinite possibilities and freedom. Really, this idea, this space prison, goes against everything our first intrepid astronauts launched themselves into space for. If you think about it, the word 'space' implies the very opposite of 'prison'. I think we need to gather all the facts before taking an official stance here…”


After an aide informed her that there was no international space prison, Meyer tried to save face by changing the subject to America's obesity epidemic. VP Communication Director Mike McClintock has refused to comment further after saying "clearly the Vice President got the joke and was joking along, and is also very good at ‘comedy’ acting."

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