Illustration for article titled Walgreens Manager Certain Dead Father Would Have Been Proud Of Crest Toothpaste Display

ST. PAUL, MN—Saying his late father must be looking down at him and smiling, local Walgreens manager Lawrence Trow stated Wednesday that “Dad would be proud” of the eye-catching endcap display his son had arranged to call attention to the store’s offering of Crest toothpaste. “I really wish my dad were alive to see this,” the misty-eyed 42-year-old said as he adjusted the topmost box in a tall stack of alternating Crest Pro-Health and Crest Tartar Protection tubes. “He worked hard his whole life, and he always enjoyed seeing a job well done, you know? Ah, well. This one’s for you, Dad.” On the other hand, Trow added, he should perhaps be thankful his father never lived to see the hasty, shoddy work his son put into the Herbal Essences window display, which is total shit.


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