Wedding Album Off To Bizarre Start With Photo Of 2 Acorns Floating In Glass Of Water

LONGMONT, CO—Staring with confusion at the close-up, black-and-white image, sources looking through Brad and Dana Rogers’ wedding photos Thursday confirmed the album was off to a bizarre start with a stylized shot of two acorns floating in a glass of water. “Boy, what were they going for here? I guess the acorns could represent the two of them, but why would they just be sitting there in a water glass on a table like that?” said friend Mark Alpern, pointing out that the album contained a second, equally puzzling photo of the same scene, this one in color and from a different angle, with one of the wedding bands visible in the soft-focus background. “Maybe it’s because they like nature? I guess that would make sense if the wedding had been in the fall or outdoors, but it was last week in a hotel ballroom in Wichita. Huh.” Alpern went on to express bewilderment at a series of photos in which the bridesmaids and groomsmen were gathered together in two separate huddles as though they were members of opposing football teams.


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