CARLISLE, PA—Saying she was having a “wonderful time” as she danced and socialized with fellow guests Saturday night, wedding-goer Corinne Bauer was said to be blissfully unaware she had barely made the cut to receive an invitation. “The ceremony was just gorgeous, and you couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather,” said the wholly oblivious Bauer, 29, who narrowly beat out two distant cousins and the groom’s former boss to claim the 110th and final spot on the couple’s invite list. “That dress, the location, the decor—everything has been magical. I feel so lucky to be able to share this day with the bride and groom.” According to sources, Bauer, who made a point of visiting the head table to offer her sincere congratulations, was only selected to attend because the couple knew she would not bring a date.


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