Wedding Planner Suggests Replacing Unsightly Groom

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NASHVILLE, TN—Saying that a lot of brides don’t give enough thought to such an important detail and end up regretting it later, local wedding planner Maureen Crompton suggested that her client Ali Peterson consider replacing the unsightly groom she had chosen, sources confirmed Thursday. “Now, I know you have your heart set on this one, but I feel like it clashes with everything else,” said Crompton, adding that while she did not want to pressure Peterson into making the change, she already had in mind a number of other options she would be happy to present to her. “Of course, there’s probably a way to make this one work, but considering the investment you’re making, why take the chance? I know these things seem tedious or nitpicky now, but you’re going to have photos of this for the rest of your life, so you really want to get it right.” Crompton then explained to Peterson that the color of her current choice is “all wrong” and suggested she go with something a shade or two lighter.