Illustration for article titled Weight Watchers Debuts New Ad Asking If You Remember Time Grandma Said ‘Someone Got Heavy’ In Front Of Everybody

NEW YORK—Harkening back to all those times she used to strongly imply you were fat, Weight Watchers debuted a new television advertisement Tuesday that asks if you recall Grandma saying “My, someone got heavy!” in front of the whole family. “Remember when you arrived home for Thanksgiving and, as soon as she saw you, your grandmother remarked, ‘I can tell at least one of us is ready for dinner,’ while everyone else remained silent and pretended not to hear?” said a voice-over during the commercial, which featured an elderly woman who comments upon the “awfully healthy appetite” of a younger relative enjoying a second helping of mashed potatoes. “Of course you do. It was right before she asked if your weight made it difficult for you to find people to date. Does that jog your memory?” The 30-second spot concluded with an image of the beautiful wedding dress your grandma reportedly wanted to pass down to you but doesn’t think would fit anymore even if you could find a husband.


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