Weinstein Defense Attorney Implores Jury To Remember How Fun ‘Pulp Fiction’ Is

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NEW YORK—In a passionate rebuttal to the many graphic accounts of sexual assault and rape leveled at her client, attorney Donna Rotunno delivered a forceful argument Friday imploring the trial’s jurors to keep in mind how fun disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein’s 1994’s Pulp Fiction was. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’d like to ask you not to forget that without my client’s help, Pulp Fiction would have never been made—you remember what a good time Pulp Fiction was, right?” said Rotunno, who went on to emphasize to jurors that the Oscar-winning crime caper’s snappy dialogue and whip-smart pop culture references represented the best that Hollywood had to offer, before urging them to honestly recall what a blast they had watching indelible performances like Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s turn in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant or Bruce Willis’s work in that “whole gimp basement shootout.” “You’re going to hear a lot of wild claims about my client’s alleged behavior, but none of that should distract you from the issue hand: Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely unforgettable in his climactic redemption scene. You know that, I know that, and anyone denying that is just fooling themselves.” After concluding her statement, Rotunno went on to raise an objection to the lead prosecutor’s assertion that the Weinstein-produced Jackie Brown was actually pretty standard crime fare and really dragged in the second act due to its glut of forgettable boilerplate characters.