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What Can Americans Expect Under A Trump Presidency?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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With two months until the inauguration of Donald Trump, many Americans are wondering what his term will look like and what his administration might accomplish. The Onion answers some common questions about Trump’s upcoming presidency:

Q: What will happen to women’s reproductive rights?

A: Trump will preserve a woman’s right to choose between vaginal delivery or cesarean section.

Q: How will Trump handle the press?

A: All journalists will retain their right to a fair trial and court-appointed attorney.


Q: What about minorities who feel targeted by Trump’s rhetoric?

A: Voters have already decided this does not matter.

Q: What will Trump do about foreign conflicts?

A: Trump has not shared any details about how he will escalate conflicts overseas.


Q: What does this mean for our European allies?

A: Jesus Christ, we can’t be worrying about them right now.

Q: This is all just going to seem more and more normal every day, isn’t it?

A: Nah. You’re going to be weirded out every day.

Q: What could be the consequence of Donald Trump’s climate policy?

A: I’m sorry, which climate policy are you referring to, exactly?

Q: He won’t take away my guns, will he?

A: What? No. Do you just think that about everyone?

Q: How will his tax plans affect me?

A: You’ll be fine so long as you identify as an estate.

Q: Will Trump legalize marijuana?

A: If this is what you’re worried about, things are probably going to be just fine for you.


Q: Will I be four whole years older when this all ends?

A: Yes.

Q: How are you holding up?

A: Not great. But thanks for asking.