What Happens If Trump Refuses To Concede Election

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Donald Trump has stated publicly multiple times that he may not accept the results of the presidential election if Hillary Clinton is named the victor. Here’s what would happen if Trump refuses to concede.


Q: What happens when a presidential candidate doesn’t concede?

A: As per the Constitution, each candidate is allowed to take their supporters and start a new country.

Q: Why might Trump refuse to concede?

A: While experts are divided, a lifetime spent never hearing the word “no” from anyone is probably a good guess.

Q: Is there a danger violence could break out?

A: Thankfully, only if Trump displays a tendency toward inciting his supporters to extreme anger.


Q: Could there be rioting?

A: Not technically, since the individuals causing property damage and starting fires will most likely be white.


Q: Should I be worried?

A: If you haven’t already been horrified for the last 16 months, there’s probably no point in starting now.


Q: What legal recourse does Trump have for challenging the election result?

A: Candidates wishing to dispute the outcome of a national election must file a motion with the District of Columbia Small Claims Court between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., weekdays.


Q: What does Trump risk by not conceding?

A: Fanning the flames of violence, delegitimizing the United States government, but most of all, missing out on a valuable life lesson.


Q: Does something like this have historical precedent?

A: Yes.

Q: In America?

A. Oh, God no!

Q: When does somebody step in to ensure this doesn’t get out of hand?

A: Ideally, sometime around August 2015.

Q: Is this what a crumbling empire looks like?

A: Yup!

Q: What will happen to Clinton if Trump doesn’t concede?

A: She will become president of the United States on January 20, 2017.