What Is Trump’s Relationship With White Nationalism?

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Since the weekend’s violent protests in Charlottesville, VA, many have criticized President Trump for his failure to outright condemn the white supremacists involved. The Onion breaks down Trump’s relationship to this powerful hate group.


Q: What evidence is there that Trump has ties to white supremacy groups?

A: The president maintains a 36 percent approval rating.

Q: Why has Trump’s response to these demonstrations angered the public?

A: Americans demand much subtler displays of racism from their elected officials.

Q: What has the president done to distance himself from white nationalism?

A: Married a Slovenian woman, thereby diluting his pure Anglo-Aryan lineage with the blood of a lesser Slav.

Q: Doesn’t Trump appointee Jeff Sessions have ties to right-wing extremist groups?

A: You’re probably thinking of Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, or Sebastian Gorka.

Q: What is his position on monuments memorializing Civil War veterans?

A: Trump has been consistently in favor of Confederate statues despite a historical antipathy toward losers.


Q: Were there any signs during his presidential campaign that Trump might embrace white nationalism?

A: None come to mind.