What’s Driving The Competitive Housing Market

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The past year has seen the most demand for housing since before the 2008 crash, and both real estate market experts and potential home-buyers are trying to understand what’s driving it. The Onion looks at the factors driving the competitive housing market.


Particularly good episode of House Hunters that HGTV aired last night.

New bench ad from realtor Deb Carmona, complete with updated headshot.

Nation eager to get next financial crisis going.

Can’t bear to look at these same godforsaken walls for one more second.

Shelter finally back in style.

Droughts throughout country resulted in poor house harvest this year.

Americans found themselves flush with cash after switching to making coffee at home.

Foreclosure sounds more sophisticated than eviction.

Once you get in the habit of buying stuff online, you just sort of start clicking on anything that pops up.

Desire among Americans to upgrade home before next pandemic.