What’s In The Inflation Reduction Act?

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The Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, represents the Democratic Party’s effort to deliver on its agenda. The Onion looks at the key elements of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Medicare recipients able to keep whatever prescription drugs they can grab from pharmacy in 30 seconds.


An open challenge to corporate lawyers to find new loopholes in tax law.

Six new trees.

Funding for the Joe Manchin International Airport in Dunmore, WV.

Couple billion for military just because.

Half- and full-page ads purchased by senators’ loved ones.

Harsher tax penalties for cows that contribute to methane emissions.

Low-interest loans for Americans who need to purchase insulin.

A page you can flip back and forth really fast to make it look like the polar ice caps are melting and then unmelting again.


Unprecedented bare minimum to combat climate change.