What Smoking A Cigarette Does To The Body

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With the FDA recently pulling multiple cigarette brands off the market, the conversation surrounding the harmful effects of smoking has been returning in full force to the national stage. Here is what happens to your body as you smoke a cigarette:

  • Within milliseconds of the first inhalation, endorphins are released in the brain’s societal-rebellion centers
  • Nicotine stimulates the pleasure center of your brain, its gentle alkaloid fingers running slowly up and down your cortices
  • The lungs compose a living will
  • Impaired blood flow to the skin begins to cause wrinkles in women and rugged good looks in men
  • A full drag held in the lungs for several seconds triggers an increase of dopamine and sense of euphoria in Philip Morris executives
  • With each subsequent drag, the teeth steadily yellow and the trachea becomes irritated, quadrupling one’s risk of character acting
  • Nothing really occurs in the feet
  • Intense cramping sets in as the hand’s pinching muscles endure the workout of holding the cigarette as it steadily burns down to the filter
  • In moments after smoking, massive adrenaline rush results from attempt to steal another cigarette from mom’s purse