What The Average American Spends On Valentine’s Day

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Between paying for fancy dinners, boxes of chocolates, flowers, and candy hearts, Americans spend huge amounts on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their significant others. Here’s a breakdown of the average American’s Valentine’s Day spending:

  • $2: Gag empty wedding ring box
  • $10: Red contact lenses
  • $12.25: Quarters trying to get necklace out of claw machine
  • $33: Hypoallergenic rose petals for bedspread
  • $0.30: Strawberry
  • $2.99: Sexy lingerie for in-game avatar
  • $42: Four glasses of wine at dinner even though you hemmed and hawed over whether or not to just order a bottle
  • $0.99: “Da Dip” mp3 on iTunes to set the mood
  • $12.99: Heart-shaped condoms
  • $389,212: Recreation of a Valentine’s Day 1985 first date, which features a historically accurate restoration of a local multiplex theater, the surviving original movie audience, period costumes, and a viewing of an original 35mm print of Mischief starring Doug McKeon