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What The Planet Will Look Like In 2100

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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As scientists try to project the effects of climate change into the future, many of these forecasts only go as far as 2100, a year beyond which the alterations to our environment become much harder to predict. Here is a breakdown of what we can expect our world to look like in 2100:

  • Acidification of Earth’s oceans will give seawater refreshing citrus kick
  • Extinction of 80 percent of world’s wildlife to be slightly offset by couple new species of lizard
  • Atmosphere visibly bubbling
  • Vast arid landscape will necessitate the creation of 1,000 new words for the color brown
  • Increased competition for shrinking habitats will finally allow biologists to determine which Arctic species wants it most
  • Temperature of car steering wheel up 18 percent
  • Disappearance of idyllic mountaintop glaciers set between two picturesque peaks may force beverage companies to bottle water from other sources
  • Far more barren desert flats for land speed record chasers
  • Appearance of lush, water-filled mirages full of scantily clad men and women to occur 500 times more often
  • Rising sea levels will force millions of dads to haul the boat lift in another few feet
  • Smog to get nice reddish-orange tint
  • Not too bad inside ExxonMobil Executive Cooling Dome