What To Expect From James Comey’s Book

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Former FBI director James Comey is writing a book due out next spring about leadership, decision-making, and his time at the FBI. Here’s what to look for when the book is released.

Lurid details about Comey’s early life in Yonkers, New York as the son of a corporate realtor and homemaker


Nice, glossy centerfold

A defense of his decision to insert himself into the 1995 Pillsbury bake-off judging just hours before the end of the competition


Graphic, sexually explicit chapter about year spent touring with Cream

A few hundred instances of the word duty

Gripping, personal tale of his decade-long struggle with Werther’s Originals

Repeated references to an unnamed United States president who, for their privacy, Comey will simply refer to as my friend Jacob


No-nonsense index organized by how juicy each topic is

A revealing, pivotal childhood moment wherein Comey’s stepfather tells him that he will never fulfill his dream of testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee


A few blank pages for readers to write their own damning revelations about the Trump administration

Foreword by Hillary Clinton