What To Expect From Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Album

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Taylor Swift will release her first album in over two years on November 10, and the album’s first two singles have already prompted intense speculation. Here’s what to expect from Reputation.


A raw, honest collaboration with Drake about the benefits of Apple Music

Full-fledged attack on Mrs. Rosen, an English teacher that once gave Swift a B on an essay

A few solid tips for relieving swollen feet and ankles

An undeniably catchy song that will be disliked by millions of liars

Heart-wrenching ballad about a mysterious brown delivery truck that leaves just as fast as it came


A triumphant ode to feminism and female friendship as a brand strategy

At least three songs recorded in front of a live audience at Folsom State Prison

Bonus harmonies available exclusively at Target

12-15 pretty okay tracks that will each become one of the most successful songs of all time