What To Know About Ketanji Brown Jackson

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Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson will begin March 21. The Onion answers the most pressing questions about President Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee.

Q: How will she impact the court?
A: By giving the six conservative justices a new frustrated face to look at when they win yet another decision.


Q: What is her background practicing law?
A: Well-rounded—she’s worked as a public defender and also for the elite law practices that the public needs defending against.

Q: What is her current position? 
A: She occupies the lifetime Circuit Court judge seat that Merrick Garland once foolishly gave up.


Q: Why is her nomination historic?
A: It shows that even individually desegregated U.S. institutions can still be strong proponents of segregation.

Q: Has she always wanted to be a judge? 
A: Her high school yearbook quote said she dreamed of one day being on the dissenting side of many 6-3 Supreme Court decisions.


Q: Did her experience clerking for Justice Stephen Breyer help secure her nomination?
A: See? Maybe nepotism can be used for good.

Q: How is she related to Paul Ryan?
A: In the slimmest possible way that could still justify a headline.


Q: Is there anything that could prevent her appointment?
A: Democrats have lost easier battles before.