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What To Know About Kevin McCarthy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, has recently come under fire for his role in allegedly obstructing the investigation of the January 6 Capitol riot. The Onion tells you what you need to know about McCarthy and the current controversy.

Q: Who is Kevin McCarthy? 
A: The only minority anything that Republicans will listen to.

Q: What is he being accused of? 
A: Forgetting to chat his colleagues in an Incognito window.


Q: What are his political convictions? 
A: McCarthy would never answer such an obvious gotcha question.

Q: Why would he lie about some phone calls? 
A: He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s friends with Liz Cheney.


Q: How can he possibly be expected to tell everyone the same thing when different people will like him or hate him depending on what he says?
A: Great point.

Q: What effect will his hypocritical behavior have?
A: It raises doubts as to his reliability in assisting the next attempted insurrection.


Q: What will Congress do to hold McCarthy accountable?
A: Asking questions you already know the answers to will only make you miserable.

Q: Is it true he inspired some of Kevin Spacey’s dialogue in House Of Cards?
A: Yes, McCarthy inspired the line where President Underwood says “We should hang Mike Pence.”


Q: Will being caught in a lie hurt his chances at reelection?
A: If things go according to plan, elections will soon be a thing of the past.