By Paul Ryan
Speaker Of The U.S. House Of Representatives

We all know the president has a personal style that can, on occasion, be less than delicate, even a bit abrasive. Remember, though, Donald Trump is new to governing. He may not be a polished politician, but I can assure you his heart is in the right place. And while I may disagree with his phrasing or approach in this particular instance, I still fully support him in whatever it is you’re talking about that he apparently just said or did.

Would I have used the exact same words the president did in the situation you’re suddenly here to ask me about? No, probably not. Do I think he has the American people’s best interests in mind when it comes to whatever you’re referring to? Yes, absolutely.


The president and I come from different backgrounds and have different ways of expressing ourselves. Even though our rhetoric may not be aligned, our broader goals—as they pertain to whatever he did that now requires an immediate comment from Republican congressional leaders—are ultimately one and the same.

In fact, the president and I share a lot of the same positions when it comes to tax policy, national security, whatever it is he’s gone off about this time, and fiscal responsibility—we just don’t come at it from the same angle. I usually favor a more measured approach, whereas his strategy tends to look a lot like what you apparently saw, heard, or read on Twitter just moments ago, and which evidently demands my reaction before I even had a chance to find out about it myself.

For example, if I had been in the president’s position, I definitely would have trod more lightly on whatever topic he may have been addressing, whether it was race relations, gender equality, immigration, national security, the environment, the economy, the budget, healthcare, a hostile foreign power, a friendly foreign power, a professional sports team, tax reform, gun control, the news media, the television and film industry, the 2016 presidential campaign, his business dealings prior to becoming president, or an interpersonal conflict with another notable figure.

Yet despite our different methods, the president and I are committed to working together to implement our mutual conservative vision for this country. As such, I don’t believe there’s any need to apologize to whatever individual, ethnic group, organization, faith, or beloved ideal he may have derided, belittled, or undermined, as the president’s intentions on this particular matter, whatever it may be, were correct and just.


So if you want my official position, I’ll give it to you: I stand firmly and unwaveringly behind the overall sentiment the president was attempting to express in whatever incident just took place and was no doubt so consequential and potentially problematic for our nation that you found out about it through a text message or push notification that woke you up this morning.

Thank you. And I should also note that I support whatever the president may or may not have said in the interim since I began making this statement.


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