White House Offers Migrants Legal Path To Deportation

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WASHINGTON—Calling the measure long overdue, the White House announced Monday that the Biden administration was now offering migrants a fast, legal path to deportation. “It is well past time that anyone who crosses the border into the United States is able to access a standardized, regulated framework to get themselves quickly and easily deported,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, adding that all migrants could now access an online portal on the White House website that would guide them through the deportation process. “We want to simplify what has long been a very complicated and difficult series of steps in order to ensure migrants can sign up to be deported in a simple and straightforward manner. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the country, whether you have family members here, what your education status is, or even where you are—you are legally eligible to become deported in a matter of weeks. As an extra incentive, those who sign up for our legal deportation program in the next 90 days can ensure that they’ll have access to the next plane out of here.” Jean-Pierre concluded the press conference by introducing three migrants who were using the program to deport themselves, adding that deportation is what makes America great.