Illustration for article titled White House Press Secretary: ‘Trump’s Critics Will Seize On Any Six-Figure Death Toll That Suits Their Narrative’

WASHINGTON—White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany rebuked critics of the president in a briefing Thursday, forcefully arguing that politicians and pundits alike would seize on any six-figure death toll that suits their particular narrative. “What’s clear is that the biased media in this country is willing to draw attention to any mortalities of American citizens over 100,000 as long as it fits in their narrow perception of what’s important,” said McEany in response to a reporter’s question about the administration’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic before stressing that the president’s supporters would see the death toll for the brazen partisan attack it has always been. “There’s an obvious opportunism at work when the president’s opponents are suddenly up in arms any time tens of thousands American lives are lost. Frankly, was the mainstream media going to accept any number of mass casualties without pouncing on it as an excuse to scrutinize the commander in chief’s decision making? I somehow doubt it.” McEnany went on to emphasize that such biased coverage conveniently ignored the hundreds of millions across the country whom the president’s actions had left alive.


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