Over the past few years, the white nationalist movement in the U.S. has seen the addition of more members and received significant media coverage. The Onion debunks some common myths about white supremacism in America.

MYTH: The alt-right movement is secretly a neo-Nazi movement.

FACT: The alt-right movement is openly a neo-Nazi movement.

MYTH: White nationalist beliefs are mainstream now.

FACT: Noticing white nationalist beliefs is mainstream now.

MYTH: White supremacists hate people of color.

FACT: They’re not wild about women either.

MYTH: The movement’s goal is for whites to live separately in an ethno-state.

FACT: Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire already exist.

MYTH: White supremacists value preserving culture above all else.

FACT: Skrewdriver should not be considered culture under even the most generous interpretations of the term.


MYTH: White nationalism is just a fringe political movement.

FACT: Let’s not waste our whole day dissecting the word “fringe,” okay?

MYTH: President Trump has explicitly endorsed white nationalists.

FACT: He doesn’t endorse white nationalists; he just hangs out with them every weekend and most weeknights and is one himself.


MYTH: White nationalists believe discrimination against white people is worse than discrimination against any other group.


FACT: Holy shit, yeah, that’s true. They honestly believe that.