Who Is Gary Johnson?

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Former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is gaining some traction in the polls as an alternative to the two major-party nominees. Here’s what you need to know about Johnson:


Aleppo, Syria

Marital Status


Personal History

Lost both parents to government oversight at the age of 8


Things you adamantly agree with mixed with horrifying things you would never consider



Skiing, cycling, wasting everyone’s time

Greatest Strength

Not enough time left in election cycle for him to build up as much ill will as other candidates

Greatest Challenge

Convincing Trump voters that he has some pretty crazy ideas for America too

Accomplishments As Governor

Went on to run for president of the United States

Former CEO Of Company Named “Cannabis Sativa Inc.”

Christ, yes

Voter Demographic He Is Courting:

Anyone with the emotional wherewithal to read an additional seven to 10 news items about the 2016 election

Supporting Him A Good Way To Round Out Identity For Freshman Year Of College


Chance Of Being Elected:

Roughly where Donald Trump would be if this were a normal election