Who’s Speaking At The DNC: Day 2

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Here is a guide to the major speakers who will be addressing attendees on the second night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention:

Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader):

Offers one of the best remaining opportunities for Bernie Sanders supporters looking to roundly boo a member of the Democratic establishment


Jimmy Carter (Former President):

The 91-year-old statesman will do his best to speak

Eric Holder (Former Attorney General):

Is expected to heavily tout the fact that his refusal to prosecute financial institutions helped pave the way for Sanders’ campaign and a more progressive Democratic platform

Cecile Richards (CEO, Planned Parenthood):

The abortion rights champion is expected to finally reveal which presidential candidate she endorses

Lena Dunham (Actor, Writer):

The creator of HBO’s Girls will deliver a raw, emotionally real speech about how Clinton’s campaign has strained their personal relationship


Mothers Of The Movement (Social Justice Activists):

The mothers of black citizens killed by police violence will call for an end to such deaths in what is, sadly, very likely to be considered a controversial and potentially divisive moment by a large swath of the population


Bill Clinton (Former President):

The husband of Hillary Clinton will make an impassioned case for getting to die in the White House