WHO Warns Against Eating Fish And Keeping Active Following Death Of World’s Oldest Woman

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GENEVA—In an effort to prevent people from falling into the same dangerous habits, the sudden and tragic death of the world’s oldest woman, Chiyo Miyako prompted the World Health Organization to issue an official warning Friday against eating fish every day and staying active, the 117-year-old’s most widely known avocations. “After collecting all available information concerning lifestyle, we strongly urge the public to regard this centenarian’s lifestyle as a cautionary tale against the dangers of certain destructive habits,” the official WHO statement read in part, noting that Miyako’s autopsy revealed clear signs of a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and the unmistakable effects of low-impact exercises including power-walking and water aerobics. “Though it’s too late to help this victim, her passing has shed much-needed light on the potentially dangerous effects of reading historical fiction novels and completing crossword puzzles in an attempt to ‘stay sharp.’ We’ve also found significant evidence that Ms. Miyako loved to visit new places and socialize with friends, so we must consider the desire for broad experience and human companionship as possible factors in her being taken from us so soon.” Although some are taking issue with certain parts of the WHO’s statement, health and wellness experts are in general agreement concerning the potentially devastating effects of frequent visits from family members.

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