Wikipedia Turns 20

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Wikipedia was launched Jan. 15, 2001, and the collaborative open encyclopedia has remained a top go-to website for information. The Onion looks back at the biggest moments in Wikipedia’s history on the site’s 20th anniversary.


1776-2000: Americans really bad at history, geography, and remembering personal details of celebrities.

2001: Jimmy Wales writes 18,000 articles in first year of Wikipedia holed up in a Berlin apartment doing cocaine.

2003: Site co-founder Larry Sanger resigns over disagreement about whether entries should be factual.

2004: Page on the decline of print media goes live.

2008: Colorado 12-year-old Trevor Schulte aces his report on Bolivia.

2009: Pathetic administrators bizarrely ask readers for money instead of blanketing every corner of site with pop-up ads.

2010: 40,000 Wikipedia pages destroyed during fire set by invading Romans.

2012: Site’s credibility gets a black eye when Ajay Naidu’s name is misspelled in the Office Space entry.


2017: Internet finally fucked up enough for Wikipedia to be considered one of the most reliable sources.