Illustration for article titled William Howard Taft Historian Confident Solution To Nation’s Troubles Can Be Found In Storied Career Of William Howard Taft

PHILADELPHIA—Explaining that the parallels with our age were almost uncanny, William Howard Taft historian B.R. Carter told reporters Wednesday that he was confident the solution to our nation’s troubles could be found in the storied career of William Howard Taft. “America is fractured, but I’m sure that a balm to this badly divided nation lies somewhere in the wise words of the 27th president,” said Carter, who noted that his friendship and falling out with Teddy Roosevelt was a tale with many lessons that would undoubtedly resonate in these distraught times. “We are certainly living in Taftian times, to say the least. Perhaps if we stopped arguing and read up on his support for lower tariffs or his second career as chief justice of the Supreme Court in my illuminating biography Taft: Man Of Vision, we could find a way forward. Right now, the entire nation should be looking to Taft.” Carter added that Taft’s great quote, “A man never knows exactly how the child of his brain will strike other people,” rings more true today than ever.


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