Woman Has Few Enough Friends To Consider Confiding In Sister

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ST. PAUL, MN—Admitting there really wasn’t anyone else who came to mind as a viable option, local 32-year-old Emma Weir told reporters Tuesday that she has few enough friends to consider confiding in her younger sister. “I’m not particularly close with anyone I grew up with, and my college friends and I have fallen out of touch over the years—I guess my sister Rachel’s the only person who I could actually open up to about anything going on in my life,” said Weir, acknowledging that her lack of any lasting friendships from her childhood summer camp, weekly yoga class, or past jobs has led her to at least think over the idea of having a heart-to-heart with her sibling. “I thought about bringing up some of my deeper personal thoughts with a colleague, but I don’t really feel that comfortable talking about my anxiety issues or seeking out relationship help from someone I deal with at the office every day. So, I suppose I could give that a shot with my sister next time I call her. Who knows, maybe she’d even confide in me.” Weir added that if her sister wasn’t available, she could always follow her mother’s example and keep all personal and emotional turmoil bottled up inside indefinitely.