Woman Informs Husband That He Made New Friend

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ANN ARBOR, MI—Noting that the two had really seemed to hit it off at the neighborhood barbeque, Sheila Glaspy informed her husband Mark that he had made a brand-new friend, family sources confirmed Tuesday. “Wow, you had a great time talking to Dennis tonight,” Glaspy told her husband, commenting that Mark and his new friend must share many common interests, and perhaps even hobbies, to spend so much time chatting around the snack table. “I’m impressed that you struck up a friendship so quickly, honey! And you’ll get to hang out with your brand-new buddy next Saturday, because [Dennis’ wife] Kathy told me he’ll be at the happy hour over at the Foreside Tavern for a work thing.” At press time, Glaspy was telling her husband that she would give his new friend’s wife a call to see if Dennis would be free to see a movie with Mark sometime next week.