Woman Needs To Shut Up And Allow Man To Be Ally

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BOULDER, CO—Expressing frustration that she routinely wouldn’t allow him to finish his point without cutting him off, local graphic designer Julian Serra told reporters Friday there were times when his coworker Ericka Lerado really needed to just shut up and let him be an ally to her. “Ericka is great, she really is, but she needs to learn to take a step back so she doesn’t keep getting in my way when I’m trying to support women in the workplace,” said Serra, adding that every time he tried to talk about how professional women had been historically marginalized, Lerado had to pipe up and give everyone her two cents on the subject. “Sometimes I want to shout at her, ‘Hey, listen, I’m here for you! Would you keep your goddamn mouth closed for one second so I can help you?’ I’m one of the few guys in the office who’s in her corner. If she let me get a fucking word in edgewise once in a while, I’d be able to prove it.” At press time, a visibly enraged Serra could be seen balling up his fists after Lerado interrupted his speech about the glass ceiling.