Woman Nervous Mom Starting To Use Her As Confidant

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RENO, NV—Alarmed at the growing length and frequency of their conversations, local woman Patricia Hensley, 28, expressed concern Monday that her mother, Betty Hensley, may now consider her a trusted confidant. “I’m starting to get really worried by how much Mom is opening up to me about her estrogen treatments and asking for my opinion on relationship issues with Dad that I don’t even want to hear about, let alone pick sides on,” said Hensley of the increasing candor and intimacy of her mother’s sometimes twice-daily phone calls. “She’s been going into detail about her retirement savings, Dad’s prostate trouble, and, God help me, she’s even giving me the play-by-play on arguments she’s had with [her sister] Aunt Molly. I just hope this isn’t what it’s going to be like between us from now on.” Hensley added that if the trend continues, she’s terrified her mother might expect her to share some of her own personal information as well.