Illustration for article titled Woman Relieved Soulmate Turned Out To Be In Same Socioeconomic Bracket

SAN JOSE, CA—Noting how lucky she was to have finally found the one she was meant to be with forever, local woman Julie Winters told reporters Tuesday she was relieved that her true soulmate also happened to have the same socioeconomic status as she does. “From the moment I met David, I knew we were kindred spirits who were destined to be together, and it’s just such a relief that his income mirrors mine so well,” said Winters, adding that she breathed much easier upon realizing the person she had been waiting for her whole life was also a white-collar professional earning approximately $75,000 per year. “It’s also reassuring to know there really aren’t any glaring gaps in educational background between me and the only man I could ever love. I’m such a lucky girl!” Winters went on to say she was especially relieved that the one person she could ever imagine growing old with was the same race she was.

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