World’s Largest Dinosaur Shoe Print Discovered In Australia

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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA—In a groundbreaking discovery that sheds new light on the mobility, migratory habits, and fashion sensibilities of a species that lived 94 million years ago, researchers at the Brigham Young University announced Thursday they had unearthed the world’s largest dinosaur shoe print. “Thanks to its remarkably well-preserved imprint, we have determined this shoe—the equivalent of a U.S. men’s size 70—provided an adult Tyrannosaurus Rex with both cushioning and arch support while remaining stylish,” said paleontology professor Vivian Keelin, referring to the Late Cretaceous theropod that appears to have had a heavy, lumbering gait, a long stride, and a problem with overpronation that was treated with orthotics. “With state-of-the-art digital modeling and a 3D printer, we have actually been able to recreate the brown wingtip lace-up oxfords this dinosaur wore during its time on earth. A snappy dresser, it seems to have opted for footwear that provided comfort as well as a classic, on-trend look.” Keelin confirmed her research team was revising its digital model of the Tyrannosaurus Rex forelimbs to show the opposable thumbs it must have possessed in order to tie its shoes.