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GLAND, SWITZERLAND—Emphasizing the importance of having at least something to remember them by, the World Wildlife Fund announced Wednesday that it was now just trying to get a couple of nice photos of every animal species for posterity. “At this point, we’re pretty much committed to taking some high-quality, well-lit pictures of the world’s remaining fauna, so future generations can get a clear sense of what they were like,” said WWF board chairman Neville Isdell, adding that his organization had already begun reallocating its resources from conservation campaigns to producing majestic photographic portraits. “We’re going to start with the most vulnerable animals, of course, but we’ll get shots of them all eventually. It may be difficult to get some of the more active species to hold still long enough to take a crisp, in-focus photo, but we have a moral obligation to safeguard the images of these creatures, if nothing else.” At press time, WWF photographers were setting up light stands around an endangered Sumatran orangutan.


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